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Lyme Disease

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Unfortunately, tick borne infections are on the rise. The CDC estimates that more than 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease each year in the US.  Most people are familiar with the pathognomonic Bull's Eye rash, but many people who contract lyme disease do not get this rash and unfortunately acute lyme disease is often missed, resulting in chronic lyme disease. Chronic lyme disease can cause debilitating physical, mental, and neurological symptoms.

Sxs of Chronic Lyme:

  • chronic fatigue

  • joint pain or swelling

  • nerve pain, numbness/tingling

  • cognitive symptoms: brain fog, confusion, memory problems

  • anxiety, depression, mood changes

  • chronic pain

  • sleep problems

  • headaches

  • vertigo/dizziness

  • palpitations, chest pain

  • unexplained abdominal pain (often 1st sign in children)

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