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Naturopathic Treatment for PANS/PANDAS

PANS and PANDAS are debilitating disorders for children and teens.  Naturopathic medicine provides integrative treatment options that aim to reduce neuroinflammation, modulate the immune response, reduce flairs and associated symptoms, and ultimately work on reducing susceptibility. Naturopathic treatments include homeopathic treatment, nutrition, botanical medicine, and pharmaceuticals when needed.  Naturopathic medicine can be used safely with conventional treatments, and often the combination of treatment can provide the best treatment options for your child.  Most importantly, naturopathic medicine recognizes that PANS/PANDAS affects each child differently, and therefore provides a unique treatment plan for each child.  Dr. Rozelle has found homeopathic treatment to be the most effective treatment for these disorders, especially in sensitive children who don't tolerate other supplements or medications well.​

Macrophage Scanning electron micrograph

Goals of Treatment

  • Eradicate Underlying Infection (s)

  • Reduce Neuroinflammation

  • Modulate Autoimmunity

  • Reduce Histamine Intolerance

  • Strengthen Overall Immune Health

  • Reduce and Prevent Flares

  • Reduce Susceptibility

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