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Trauma can lead to PTSD

Imagine your life changing in an instant.

Moments that seem to last for hours in which you become completely paralyzed in fear and shock. You’re not even aware of what is happening because your body’s innate survival mechanisms have taken over.

It all feels like a bad dream, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Sounds scary right?

This is what it feels like to go through a traumatic event.

Now imagine having to relive that traumatic event over and over again through flashback memories or nightmares. You are easily triggered by certain sounds, smells, locations, or people. Your calm demeanor has been replaced by anxiety, fear, panic, sadness, and mental fogginess. You can’t sleep, but yet you feel like you are stuck in that bad dream that you just can’t wake up from. This is what it feels like to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

As you can imagine, post-traumatic stress disorder can be debilitating.

My guess is many of the people reading this right now know exactly what I’m talking about. Unfortunately trauma is more common than people realize, and often lies at the root of many mental and physical health conditions.

But the good news is, there is hope! That hope is homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy is one of the very few treatments that can actually treat the underlying trauma itself. Homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful treatment that stimulates the body to heal. Homeopathy is a very individualized form of medicine that treats the unique way that trauma has manifested in you, as the mental and physical symptoms that result from trauma can be very different for each person. Treating that individuality is key when treating trauma, as when you treat the individual, you also treat the whole person and can stimulate true healing in the body.

Treating the individual is the key to healing.

Let’s take a look at “Cindy’s” story (name and some details changed to protect privacy). She came to me with concerns of anxiety, depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. She struggled with these concerns for many years and had tried psychiatric medications in the past, which only made her feel worse. She had also done years of psychotherapy and EMDR treatments for her PTSD, which helped, but did not resolve her underlying trauma or symptoms of PTSD.

Because of her PTSD, “Cindy” suffered from symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, nightmares, sleeping problems, and shame. She struggled with anxiety and depression on a daily basis, with a severe worsening of both of these symptoms before her period, which isn’t always common in PTSD.

We started homeopathic treatment using natrum muriaticum 30c. “Cindy” already had a clean diet, but because of the severity of her adrenal fatigue, a common finding in PTSD, she needed more specific dietary recommendations to address her concerns. Her diet modifications included increasing protein and good healthy fat in her diet, removing her food allergies, and decreasing sugar and alcohol. We also added in a good quality omega-3 fatty acid supplement and a probiotic to help improve her gut health and decrease inflammation. “Cindy” noticed an improvement in her symptoms within a few weeks. We then added in more specific support to help regulate her menstrual cycle and PMDD by adding in a specially formulated botanical medicine tincture containing vitex agnus-castus, angelica sinensis, dioscorea villosa, taraxacum officinale, and glycyrrhiza. Through the combination of continued homeopathic treatment and strengthening of her weakened systems, “Cindy” was able to have stable moods and normal hormone balance a few months of treatment.

She felt whole again as she was able to reclaim her resilient mental health!


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