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Naturopathic Treatment for Allergies

Living in the Northeast Spring has a new meaning for me. The weather is getting warmer, daylight is getting longer, and plants and flowers are blooming. It’s a beautiful time of year and signals a transitional time of renewed energy and vitality. Unfortunately, it also brings the burden of allergy season. Allergies are becoming more common in our children, and unfortunately spring can be a hard time for these kiddos. This is especially true with our PANS and PANDAS children, as their allergies can often result in a flare of their neuropsychiatric symptoms. But not to fret, there are many naturopathic treatment options that can help. Quercitin, nettle leaf, guduchi, and vitamin C are safe and effective treatment options for these kids. Homeopathy can also be very helpful in treating allergies, but if your PANDA child is using homeopathy to treat his or her symptoms, make sure you check in with your doctor before making any changes to his current remedy.

Below are some of the common homeopathic remedies for allergies:

Allium cepa: this remedy is great for profuse watery nasal discharge, nasal discharge that burns and irritates the nose, and watery eyes. (think of what happens when you cut an onion)

Sabadilla: this remedy is great when sneezing is the main manifestation of the allergies; other symptoms can include itching and tingling in the nose, runny nose and congestion

Euphrasia officinalis: this remedy is great for acrid, burning eye discharge with bland nasal discharge; the eyes feel irritated, burning, itchy, and are sensitive to light

Note: the above are general recommendations and may not be indicated or effective for everyone. As with all naturopathic treatment, individualization of treatment will provide the best results for you or your child’s symptoms.


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